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Who is the beast?

 I watched this man patcondell, In YouTube, talking about Islam (mmmm more like attacking) and I read the replies. I couldn’t but to compare him with Gaston in Beatuy and the Beast   Advertisements

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Seven sleepers drawing on the stone

The stone tells a story of seven young men and a dog (I thought it looks like Dinosaur hahaha) The Seven men, dog and ancient city.   The local people think it is the story of the Cave people (Seven … Continue reading

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Angels of Babylon

I saw this picture and I remember angels of Babylon “Haurt and Marut”..I really like the two wings surrendering the tower of Babel. According to the Ahadith (the sayings of the Prophet pbuh) and the agreed upon interpetation is that … Continue reading

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When I watched “Jewel of the palace” the Korean drama, which is one of my favorite Korean drama,  I was curious to dig and find about female nurse or doctor in my culture and surprisely, I found one called Rufaidah bint Sa’ad … Continue reading

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The last eunuchs

Al aqoat (eunuchs) consider a very mysterious people. You will rarely see them and if you see them and ask them about direction, they will not talk but point for you     Al Aqoat are not servants but more like … Continue reading

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Isra and Mi`raj day

Today will be the day of Isra and Mi`raj and we got a holiday from work yesterday. A day to remember (the Buraq)

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Iram the lost city

Ubar (Iram)  had been regarded, like Ali Baba and Sindbad the Sailor, as a pleasant fiction for centuries.And according to an Arabian Nights tale, “Allah blotted out the road that led to the city.”The Quran  told a similar tale, one that went back thousands … Continue reading

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