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Another flower Na’aman

Arabic called this flower Sahqaiq Al Na’aman (the sister of Na’aman) .. In one of the Arab myth it said that Na’aman was a king who loved this flower and when he died the flower surrounded his grave… here is … Continue reading

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Arabian mytholgy and creatures 2

1. Sandals of Abdallah  “Abdallah is a fellow who gets magic sandals. I think they allow him to walk on water? Breathe water? Fly? .” 2. Nasnas A nasnas is a monstrous creature in Arab mythology. According to Edward Lane, … Continue reading

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Arabian Unicorn

Did the oryx  Arabian inspire the unicorn of the legend that fabulous beast with a single horn set on its forehead? Well, it is certainly true that the oryx played at least some role in the birth of that enduring … Continue reading

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Scary creatures part 1

Figures that are popular in the gulf states (Include Iraq) 1. Hymara Alqaylh Hymara Alqaylh, an Arabic name meaning ” the donkey of the noon,” is a donkey demon that come out in the noon to scare children.   2. Tntl  طنطل He has … Continue reading

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Haunted houses

Arab people don’t like to live in an old house that was lived in by someone else. Because they thought it would be full of Jinn. So many old homes are torn down and new ones are built. Arab prefer … Continue reading

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The American Juha’s nail

We Arab have a proverb “Juha’s nail” مسمار جحا The meaning of this proverb is “the silly Justification.”   The story beyond this proveb is —– “Juha had a house. A man asked if he could buy the house, and … Continue reading

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USA President and the owl!

There is a picture for President Bush with an owl. He looked very comfortable and happy. The question why did Bush chose the owl ? Of course the view of owl in the West is different. For the West it is the symbol … Continue reading

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