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Cup of tea Turkish style


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Protected: Romance Novel

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Haunted houses

Arab people don’t like to live in an old house that was lived in by someone else. Because they thought it would be full of Jinn. So many old homes are torn down and new ones are built. Arab prefer … Continue reading

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Tombs Guards

For the ancient Semites, jinn were spirits of vanished ancient peoples who acted during the night and disappeared with the first light of dawn;they could make themselves invisible or change shape into animals at will; these spirits were commonly believed … Continue reading

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Jew’s ruin

Saudi Arabia is a very strange country if you ask me I mean you can find many civilianization and culture’s ruins such as Assyrian or even Jew ruin As you may know few Arab tribes converted to Judaism (many of … Continue reading

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The last eunuchs

Al aqoat (eunuchs) consider a very mysterious people. You will rarely see them and if you see them and ask them about direction, they will not talk but point for you     Al Aqoat are not servants but more like … Continue reading

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Clans customs

Arab tribes (clans) in the past had customs for each tribe or place! (remind me of the scottish kilt which was for men ) Dress Thawwal Dress Banu Malak  Dress Hail Dress Am Asa Dress Al zabon Dress Al Zhrane Abbya Najd … Continue reading

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