Another flower Na’aman

Arabic called this flower Sahqaiq Al Na’aman (the sister of Na’aman) .. In one of the Arab myth it said that Na’aman was a king who loved this flower and when he died the flower surrounded his grave… here is the story of this king

As his predecessors he was an Arab ally to the Sassanid empire. He built the city of Numaniya on the right bank of Tigris. He was mentioned in the poetry of Al-Nabiga Al-Zibyani, Hassan Bin Thabit and Hatim Al-Taee. He was known, when having a good day, to reward the first stranger he saw, and, when having a bad day to kill the first stranger he saw. When the emperor of Persia asked Al-No’man to send his daughters and the daughters of his brothers as mistresses to the emperor, Al-No’man refused so the emperor of Persia overthrew him from his throne and kept him inprisononed, then killed him later. Some say he was killed by being thrown under the legs of elephants. Al-No’man before being killed kept the females of his family with the tribe of Bani Sheaban. The refusal of the tribe of Bani Sheaban to give the women to the emperor of Persia lead to one of the major pre-Islamic battles, the battle of Zee Qaar.

This is Arabian drama about this king


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  1. thanks for this story and beautiful flowers

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