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Another flower Na’aman

Arabic called this flower Sahqaiq Al Na’aman (the sister of Na’aman) .. In one of the Arab myth it said that Na’aman was a king who loved this flower and when he died the flower surrounded his grave… here is … Continue reading

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Arabian women art

In the past, Arabian women couldn’t draw because the drawing was luxury they could not offered but they showed the world a different art Even with the poverty and hardship Arab women will draw  beautiful pictures in fabric Al Sadu  Al sadu would … Continue reading

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New pharaonic discovery in Saudi

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Hieroglyphics discovered at ancient oasis in Saudi

The Saudi Commission for Tourism and Antiquity announced on Sunday that Saudi archaeologists have discovered an ancient hieroglyphic inscription mentioning an Egyptian pharaoh on a rock near the ancient oasis of Tayma, Tabuk province.

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