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Who is the beast?

 I watched this man patcondell, In YouTube, talking about Islam (mmmm more like attacking) and I read the replies. I couldn’t but to compare him with Gaston in Beatuy and the Beast   Advertisements

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Slave in Power

Al-Kaizuran Her name means (literally, Bamboo) she was a slave, born most likely in Yemen, and gained substantial influence during the reigns of her husband, al-Mahdi (775-785), who allowed her to make many important decisions. After his death, it was … Continue reading

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Arabian mytholgy and creatures 2

1. Sandals of Abdallah  “Abdallah is a fellow who gets magic sandals. I think they allow him to walk on water? Breathe water? Fly? .” 2. Nasnas A nasnas is a monstrous creature in Arab mythology. According to Edward Lane, … Continue reading

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Protected: am I another Khansa?

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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Protected: Romance Novel

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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A stone committed suicide

THE LITTLE ROCK A Poem by: Ilia Abu Madhi   سَمِع الْلَّيْلُ ذُو الْنُّجُوْم أَنِيْنَا وَهُو يَغْشَى الْمَدِيْنَة الْبَيْضَاءَ فَانْحَنَى فَوْقَهَا كَمُسْتَرّق الْهَمْس يُطِيْلُ الْسُّكُوْتَ وَالإصْغَاءَ As it shrouded the White City, The star-studded Night heard a groan Forthwith, it … Continue reading

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When did the Arab men start to wear Bisht? Bisht (Arabic: بشت) is a traditional Arabic men’s cloak popular in the Arabian Gulf and some Arab countries. It is essentially a flowing outer cloak made of wool, worn over the thobe. … Continue reading

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