Scary creatures part 1

Figures that are popular in the gulf states (Include Iraq)

1. Hymara Alqaylh

Hymara Alqaylh, an Arabic name meaning ” the donkey of the noon,” is a donkey demon that come out in the noon to scare children.  

2. Tntl  طنطل

He has many arms and one eye.

3. Am alsa’af ( the mother of the palm leaves hahah)

4. Al Goul

5. Al Jathoom

 which means “What sits heavily on something”. In folklore across Arab countries, the ‘Kaboos’ is believed to be a shayṭān or a ‘ifrīt which sits, heavily, on people’s chests.

6. Marid = Dagon

It is widely believed that Dagon, the major northwest Semitic god worshipped by the early Amorites and Philistines (2500 BC), was a direct influence upon the emerging Arab mythology of the djinn.

7. Abu Kes (the bag)

 A bag which has a master who live inside the bag and puts the naughty children into the bag



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  1. weighty says:

    gonna send this to my mom

  2. 7achy team says:

    hey nice post, guess you might be intrested to read more on Kuwait myths

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