The blue eyed dove

Pre-Islamic poetry makes for a beautiful read – they are hauntingly beautiful verses full of life, death and everything in between. With early Arabic poetry, you will find works that are full of references to religious concepts which are often mysterious, necessitating an understanding of the poetry’s social and religious background as well as substantial guesswork for reasonable explanations

One of the very oldest story we know ( In the time of ancient Arab tribes of  ‘Ad, Thamûd, Tasam, Jadis, Emlaq, and others.)                             

1. The blue eyed dove

There was an arab woman who lived in a town called Al-Yamama in the Arabian peninsula long long ago. She had a very very strong eyesight. She could forsee and predict the arrival of caravans even from a distance of more than a hundred miles (around 3 days far). She was therefore very helpful in forwarning imminent invasions. whenever there was an enemy coming, she warn her people three days earlier so that they prepare themselves. no one could attack Al-yamama. it is said that she was a very beautiful blue eyed woman. that’s why she is called Zarkaa, which means “blue” in Arabic. but her real name is unknown.

one day, the enemies, who tried so many times to conquer Al-Yamama but failed because of Zarkaa-ul-Yamama, had a new idea. all soldiers were ordered to take trees’ branches and cover their bodies with them. they started moving toward Al-yamama. the woman saw them and told her people :”I am seeing trees coming to us” the people thought she lost her mind and they didn’t take her warning seriously. they said “you lost your mind, and your eyes do not see like before”
in the second day, she saw the “trees” closer, so she warned her people saying that she saw the trees coming closer and closer and they will attack them in the next day. her people also didn’t believe her and made fun of her. in the third day, those “trees” became very close, and in that time, her people could see them. when the enemies were very close, they threw the trees branches and attacked the town. the people of Al-Yamama could not have time to prepare themselves for battle so they lost and the town was conquered and destroyed. the first thing the enemies did was to remove Zarkaa-ul-yamama’s eyes so that she will never see the light… she died days after that…


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