Haunted houses

Arab people don’t like to live in an old house that was lived in by someone else. Because they thought it would be full of Jinn. So many old homes are torn down and new ones are built. Arab prefer to live in a new house that no one has occupied before. (if they can offer it But of course not all of us!)

The idea of Haunted houses is not new to us ,, you may remember the tale of  “Ali the Cairene and the Haunted House in Baghdad” in the Arabian Nights…

here is a famous Arab haunted house ,,,

The palace, said to be worth Dh500 million (US$70m), was abandoned more than 20 years ago by Sheikh Abdulaziz al Qassimi, because, as a family member put it, “there was no luck in the house”.

“You hear a woman screaming as if she is being strangled and you see what looks like little children watching you from the roof as you walk by,” said Khaled Abdullah, who lives nearby.
“These children always come out at night and just watch you and sometimes even call out your name,” he said, gesturing with his hands.


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