The American Juha’s nail

We Arab have a proverb “Juha’s nail” مسمار جحا

The meaning of this proverb is “the silly Justification.”  

The story beyond this proveb is —–

“Juha had a house. A man asked if he could buy the house, and Juha said, “Sure, I will sell you the entire house, except for one nail on the wall.” The man was a bit perplexed, but agreed. What difference could one nail make? So the house was sold, Juha moved out, and the man and his family moved in. A few weeks went by, and the man heard a knock on his door. It was Juha, coming to visit his nail. This began to happen more and more, and when the man complained, Juha said, “This nail is mine, and I have the right to see it any time I want.” Juha came during the day, during the night, when the
family was out, and when the man was sleeping with his wife.

One day Juha came to see his nail, and the man and his family stormed out of the house in frustration, saying, “Take your nail and take your house! I don’t want it!”

Does this story remind you of something?  For me, it reminds me of the relation between USA (Joha) and Al Qaeda (the Nail)? And the silly excuses for attacking many countries!


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