Al hatra – A myrtle leaf

Waraqat al as- A myrtle leaf

  There is an old Arabic historical tale that set in al Hadar or Hatra (Arabic kingdom), in North Iraq..

 During its occupation by the Persian king Shapur in the Pre- Islam era. Nadira, the beautiful daughter of Santraoq –  سنطروق or ساطرون , king of Hatra, betrays her father and people, and collaborates with Shapur to occupy her own city to become the queen of Persia.

Santraoq King of Arab

Since childhood she worn a myrtle leaf as an amulet to protect her from evil and to remind her of her loyalty to her country, but she seems now to have forgotten it. One day, while she lies in bed with Shapur, the myrtle leaf falls from her nightgown. looking down in it, Nadira suddenly realized she betrayed her country. Abruptly, her father appears in her bedroom to tell Shapur that she has been unfaithful to him and has relations with his brother Azdashir. The outraged Shapur then orders Nadira killed.

The story is slightly different in the Poems.  It said that the Persian king asked the princess how did her father treated her and she answered that he favorite her. The Persian king said if your father treated you well and you betrayed him then you will betray me so he ordered to kill her!


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