The Lihyans’ many secrets

The Lihyans

Lihyan (Arabic:لحيان ) is an ancient Arab kingdom. It was located in Mada’in Saleh, and is known for its Old North Arabian inscriptions dating to ca. the 6th to 4th centuries BC. Dedanite is used for the older phase of the history of this kingdom since their capital name was Dedan, which is now called Al-`Ula oasis located in northwestern Arabia, some 110 km southwest of Teima.

They said that “The Lion’s Tomb is banned from entry since 2005 when Gold was found there.” Which I don’t think that is the only reason 

“The french archeologists have permission inside the fence and they discovered an underground temple.” more likely

here are some of Louvre exhibit to showcase Lihyans antiquities


The rulers of the ancient Arabian kingdom of Lihyan

I am not sure about this one but it is a king head

list of Lihyan’s kings

The First kingdom (Dedanite)

Kaber Al Bin Mta’a Al 

Hany Bin  Wahballāt

The Second kingdom

Hnas Bin Shahr

Takmy Bin lathen

shmt Bin lathen

Gilt Qos

Man’a lathen Bin Hnas

The Third kingdom


Tmny Bin Tyma

Tarthelo ( Skiobs)





shahr Bin Afasan



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