So Canaanite language close to Arabic after all!!

  I read an Article which captured my attention. The article says thatArchaeologists: Ancient Texts Show Similarities between Arabic and Ugaritic Languages” . Ugaritic language was closely related to Canaanites.

I was interested because many people try to isolate Arabic language or Arab from the north Semitic culture ! The same thing with Nabataean people, i always read questions like Are Nabataean Arab? Who are the descended of Nabataean? Are Ghassanids Arab?  *_*

Anyway back to the article “Haidar pointed out that the discovered small clay tablets show that the alphabetical order of the Ugaritic language is very similar to the Arabic and Greek alphabets with only few differences.”

He added:

“He added that the Ugaritic language is also close to Arabic in grammar and terms, with around 1000 words that are the same in Arabic, making up more than two thirds of the Ugaritic vocabulary, noting that some Ugaritic words are not found in classical Arabic, but rather in the common dialect of Lattakia.”


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