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Jew’s ruin

Saudi Arabia is a very strange country if you ask me I mean you can find many civilianization and culture’s ruins such as Assyrian or even Jew ruin As you may know few Arab tribes converted to Judaism (many of … Continue reading

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Arab Muslim knight mask

Masks were always part of Arabian area The first mask for Arab knight  the second mask belong to a Queen of Thaj Saudi Arabia The mask was a part of funeral buried ceremony with statues if am not wrong the death mask had … Continue reading

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Trick and Treat in Arabic Style

In the 15 of Sha’aban , we Arab in the coast celebrate the day of Qaraqan ..It is a kind of tradition for Arab children on this day (before 15 days of Ramadan). Children walk from house to house asking … Continue reading

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I don’t know but I am in the mood of watching Oshin اوشين A Japanese Drama which was very famous in Arabic countries. It aired in both Egyptian and Saudi Channels .. Today a company in Japan agreed with Iraqi channel to … Continue reading

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The last eunuchs

Al aqoat (eunuchs) consider a very mysterious people. You will rarely see them and if you see them and ask them about direction, they will not talk but point for you     Al Aqoat are not servants but more like … Continue reading

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Clans customs

Arab tribes (clans) in the past had customs for each tribe or place! (remind me of the scottish kilt which was for men ) Dress Thawwal Dress Banu Malak  Dress Hail Dress Am Asa Dress Al zabon Dress Al Zhrane Abbya Najd … Continue reading

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Isra and Mi`raj day

Today will be the day of Isra and Mi`raj and we got a holiday from work yesterday. A day to remember (the Buraq)

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