USA President and the owl!

There is a picture for President Bush with an owl. He looked very comfortable and happy.

The question why did Bush chose the owl ?

Of course the view of owl in the West is different.

For the West it is the symbol of wisdom and Intelligent unlike how we Arab look at it!!

 It is a Myth  Pre Islam in  Arab world , we used to consider owls and black dogs as a bad luck. Its something we took from our ancestors thousands of year ago.

“The owl was unquestionably an awe-inspiring creature amongst the Arabs, and it was thought to be one of the followers of the djinn, supernatural and as a rule malicious beings. If an owl landed on a person’s house, it signified that death was near”

“Arabs used to believe that the spirit of a murdered man continues to wail and weep until his death is avenged. They believed that a bird that they called “al Sada” (or the death-owl) would continue to hoot over the grave of a slain man whose death had not been avenged. The bird would continue to hoot endlessly until the slain man’s death was avenged.”

“the owl was formed from the bones of the person who died or carried the deceased’s soul within their bodies. In this sense then, the owl signified the troubled and tormented existence for one who had been disgraced by his friends and relative”

I wonder was it wisdom or bad luck!


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