Iram the lost city

Ubar (Iram)  had been regarded, like Ali Baba and Sindbad the Sailor, as a pleasant fiction for centuries.And according to an Arabian Nights tale, “Allah blotted out the road that led to the city.”The Quran  told a similar tale, one that went back thousands of years.

The myths surrounding Ubar were unparalleled – even by “lost city” standards. According to legend Ubar (Iram) was a magnificent kingdom, rich beyond measure -the original city of “streets paved with gold.” Indeed it is described in the Holy Quran as “the many-columned city whose like has not been built in the whole land.”

 many people seek the lost city include Lawrence of Arabia (called “the Atlantis of the sands) and Bertham Thomas in the 1930s and the countless nomadic treasure seekers hoping to find the rich store of wealth the city contained. The legend of Ubar held that this once powerful city was literally swallowed up by the desert. 

 The city got attention when the tablets found in the archives of Ebla were found to mention Iram by name
Archaeologists may discoverd the city
Ever since, warns an Arabian saying, “anybody who finds Ubar will go crazy.”
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