The love stories in Arab world

There are many kind of love in Arabic history that was written in Arabic litertures

1.Virgin love

In Arab literture we have A virgin love stories and poems.  It is a tragic story of undying love. This kind of love is known in Arabic culture as “Virgin Love” (Arabic: حب عذري) or Soul love , because the lovers could not marry or could not be together.

Layla and Majnun 

(The story can be found in The Arabian nights)

Qays and Lubna

   Kuthair and Azza

Antarah ibn Shaddad ( the Black knight)

Different social classes love 

Al-Mu’tamid & , Romaica

Romaica, slave girl who became the favorite wife of Muhammad al-Mu’tamid, Muslim king of Seville, Spain

Abu Dhbl and Atka

Hadith Bayad wa Riyad

 Pre-Arabia love stories

Salma and Aja

Aja and Salma mountains are in north central Arabia.  But for the mountains there is a love story that happened pre Islam and Arab era.  The story belong to the Perishing Arabs era , Salma was the duaghter of the Amalek (Hebrew: עֲמָלֵק,Arabic, عماليق,


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