Lady Asiah

Lady Asiah or better known Asiah al Hara

Lady Asiha, the mother of the last Muslim Andalusian king Abu Abdullah. Since her son was samll Lady Asiha played a great role to save the throne of Granada from the plot of the second wife.  An Arab woman who was born in hard time and she led her son to several important battles.

There are many stories and myths regarding this lady. The historian Abdullah Anan in his book ” the End of Andalusia” p. 184 and 186 ” In the fall of Granada , lady Asish had a great role. And there is no one in the last era of that period who should get respect and admiration and in the same time will make you feel the sorrow and pain. As far as what said about this noble charming princess and her outstanding courage in the most darkness of that era that will remind you of ancient heroes

Aisha was a queen of Granada, under a king who was dying (weak), and a glory which started to fade. . She gave her husband two sons, :Abu Abdullah Muhammad and Abu Yusuf . Aisha considered it a very  natural that her son will be the next king (After all she was the daughter of a king and a wife of the second king) , but what happened after that threatens the hope of that project

Prince Hassan at the end of his life ,felt in love and married a beautiful Christian girl, known in the Islamic recourses  “Al threa” and define as “Zuraidah”. Al Zuraidah was the daughter of a great Spanish leader, “Sancho Khmnis de Solis,” . She was captive in a battle and king Amir Abu al-Hasan loved her, and soon they were married

Hernando de Rivas wrote that the Sultan Abu al-Hasan had been living with his young wife in Red Wing or the Great Palace of Comares, when Asiah and her two sons lived in the lobby of lions.




Some Videos show how abou Abu Abdullah fought   


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  1. Lisa Yarde says:

    Hello, first I wanted to thank you for stopping by the Brooklyn Scribbler blog today and leaving a comment. Second, your blog is wonderful. I have rarely met anyone as fascinated with the Nasrid Dynasty, much less those who know about the family. All the best, Lisa.

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