The Young Mujahid

Who can guess that this Child , One day will lead the Freedom- Fighters?


One night the young man saw a dream that he recites Surat Yusuf. He contacted his sister

and told her about his dream. His sister told him that he will besiege with 12 other men in foreign land

Here begins the story of the young man, who was born in Saudi Arabia, and fought in

Afghanistan, and died in the land of Chechnya. Men like any normal man, whose full name is Abdul Aziz bin Said bin Ali Al – Ghamdi

Abu Walid didn’t realize at one time that his fondness of playing drama roles at the school

theatre would lead him to a real dramatic role in life as leader of the freedom fighters.

         In an interview with Abou Walid brother “Khalid” who said anyone who know my borther

well never imagine he is a militry commander. He has a very good sense of humor.

He is social and gets along with various youth whether or not they are religious.


Here is a translation of some thoughts (poem) that his sister wrote

about Abo Walid but I want to remind the readers that English does it not justice:

Your picture in my eyes and your memory in my mouth

You are in my heart so how can you leave my heart

your memory come to me in the morning and in the night

and my soul get happy when i remember you

Abou walid you answerd the lord saying here i am for Jihad

you left your family and our land

you went to another Jihad land a strange land

Sorry to say , my brother, my love, i don’t know how to write a poem

But these words I wrote and I felt while i wrote it that I wrote it with my heart blood

a heart filled with sorrow and sadness to your absence

Farewell, my brother, my love.


I was doing a little research on Abu Walid where I stumbled across a fan club for Walid

                                                                   Freedom Fighters


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