Islam and Fashion

sibyllaI started to search in fashion in Islamic era after I saw some pictures In the movie Kingdom of Heaven
what really captured my attention was the cloths of Sibylla


I read an article by Harun Yahya where he said that “As well as acrhitecture, Muslim had an advanced quality of and taste in clothing compared with Europe. Their textile shops produced unprecedentedly beautiful fabrics, which made European clothing appear quite ordinary. For this reason, Muslim clothing and Fabrics became symbols of luxury and status among Europeans. The church’s most valuable holy objects were kept in Muslim-made fabrics. Indeed, some clothes in Christian paintings made during the Middle Age had Islamic writing on them. In fact, Muslims dictated fashion to the world. Europe received other practices of civilizations from Muslim, such as bathing and using soaps

I am including an image of two statues
Abu’allua Muhammed XII and his mother Lady Asiah. If you notice that Lady Asiah clothes similar to Sibylla. lady Asiah wore colorful cloak

The second example here, three pictures the first one Sibylla agian, the second one a Turkish Harem and the third one an Andalusian lady. The three of them wore the head scarf in the same way..

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